Mooring and refueling for your boat in Vieste Marina, renting a boat and excursions for groups to Sea Caves.


Marina Vieste

The Marina Vieste deals with the services of mooring and refueling for all the boats transiting along the beautiful coast of the Gargano and directing in the southern Croatian islands, Greece and Montenegro. In the services offered, as well as mooring transit, seasonal and yearly, with water supply, electricity, gas, security sistem with video surveillance, galley, restaurants, pizzeria; we give direct elettric assistence, and indirect such as mechanical and storage engines. We are specialized escursions along the coast to the sea caves of Vieste with groups and we rent rubber boat for trips to the caves and Tremiti Islands.

The Darsena Ormeggi

We rent mooring for long or short periods also offering refueling services, water supply and electricity, mechanical repairs, electrical and water sports, storage, and all that can help you during your stay in Vieste .
Mooring is close to the center of Vieste, 250m from the main square.

Special discounts for bookings annual and seasonal ...
and need to stay agreements with the Residence Regine Club in Vieste


Annual Rates
Dimension Price
under 10mt € 2300 / 2500
under 12mt € 2900 / 3000
over 12mt on request
water and electricity included
Tariffe giornaliere
Dimension Low Season August
under 5mt € 10 / 15 € 20 / 25
under 8mt € 15 / 20 € 30 / 35
under 10mt € 40 € 50
under 12mt € 50 € 60/70
over 12mt on request on request
water and electricity included
Winter Rates
Dimension Price (from 1/11 to 30/3)
under 12mt € 1000
under 15mt € 1500
under 18mt € 2000
water and electricity included


La Darsena Ormeggi

The Moorings marina GPS: 41 ° 16 ° 10'79''E 53'3''N
Depth: 2.5 mt
Berths: 80
Maximum Length: 30mt
Access time: continuous.

The Port cards I.I.M.: No. 921, 922, 32, 199
Pilot book P7: page. 109
List of Lights Part I: page. 237
hazards: with winds from the quadrant, is created in the harbor dangerous surf generated by waves coming into the mouth, facing NE. The output from the south coast and the island of St. Euphemia is impractical for units with a draft greater than 1.2 m. At the head of the pier of San Lorenzo, about 2 m wire wharf, there is a rock outcropping.
Access time: continuous.
Accessibility: 2 knots maximum speed.
Light and lighthouses: 3816 (E 2288) - (AERO M) lighthouse flashes white grp. 3, period 15 sec., Range 25 M, on the island of St. Euphemia (visible from 124 ° to 348 °); 3817 (E 2288.2) - beacon with fixed red light, range 3 M, the head of the outer breakwater; 3817.2 (E 2288.3) - Beacon steady green light on the end of the jetty; 3817.3 (E 2288.4) - Beacon lights up red, range 4 M, the head of the pier S. Lorenzo.
Sea bed: sandy.
Depths: at the dock from 1.6 to 3.8 m.
Prohibitions: has prohibited the transit between Punta S. Cross and the Island of St. Euphemia with masts higher than 12 m and draft 1.2 m.
Winds: N-NW-SE
strong side: the north and north-east wind.
Shelter: with winds from N to Punta Cross, with winds from the SE to the north of the breakwater.
The nearest safe: Bay of Campi, about 4 M, south of the harbor.

Sea Bullettin
Wheater Report

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Book Berth

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Rent a boat

Ability to book a boat, new, for the whole day at sea, for a trip along the coast and the beautiful Gargano’s bays..
The boats have a capacity of 2 people up to 12 seats, are equipped with 4-stroke engines from 40 hp to 250 hp of power with a saving of fuel.
Availability for trips to Tremiti with Skipper.
The boats can be rented for periods daily, weekly or monthly.
The rental period from 4 hours to 8 hours. Possibility to rent for several days.

Rates for Rent a boat

boat 5mt (senza patente)
Periods Half Day Full day
June € 80 € 120
July € 90 € 150
Aug € 120 € 190
Motori 40HPie - 4/ 6 person - ability to rent a boat with skipper for trip to the tremiti island

Gommoni 7,5mt (con patente)
Periods Half Day Full day
low season € 250 € 350
August € 300 € 400
Motor 250HP 6V - 4/6/10 person - ability to rent a boat with skipper for trip to the tremiti island

what to do

Renting a boat, enjoy hiking along the coast of Gargano, visiting visit to the numerous caves on the Gargano coast between Vieste and Mattinata (South Coast) and reach the most beautiful beaches and coves, or explore the north coast, rich and trebuchets coastal towers directly from the sea. costa del gargano
Gargano's Coast

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Rent a Boat


need a skipper?

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Rent a Scooter

We rent scooters 125cc Kimco. Compulsory license, requirement to be of age and identity document.
The vehicles are available in our marina.
You can rent scooters for a few hours or for the whole day.


Scooter 125cc (Compulsory license)
time Price
1 hour € 10
2 or more hours € 5
half a day € 30
full day € 50


With the Marina Vieste you can make excursions by motorboat along the magnificent coastline of the Gargano, to discover the beautiful sea caves, with guides for groups and individuals.
Contact us to request information, organization and booking of your tour of the sea caves of Gargano .

about caves

names of some of the most beautiful caves you can visit:
Cave bell great that has the shape of a bell mestosa 70 meters high and covered with velvety moss.
The Cave of smugglers with double outlet that once, facilitated the escape of the smugglers.
The Cave of the Swallows in which the friendly birds have nested
Cave smashed it is like an ancient castle that time demolished the upper part where the Aleppo pines are reflected in the emerald waters.
Cave eyes characterized by two small holes dug by the waves of the sea.
The emerald Cave in which the sea and the light reflected on the walls creating suggestive color effects.
The Cave of tomatoes on the walls there are shellfish shaped red tomato.
The Cave of sirens where according to legend once lived the sirens.


The Vieste Marina is located on the south pier of the port town of Vieste, waterfront Vespucci, close to the center, within walking distance, Launch Google Maps
GPS coordinates: 41 ° 16 ° 10'79 53'3''N ''
Distance: 32 miles from Tremiti
49 miles from Bari
97 miles from Pescara
57 miles from Croatia - Lastovo
76 miles from Croatia - Hvar
200 miles from Greece - Kerkyra

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